We believe that all children have the right of access to a broad and balanced curriculum and we will endeavour to provide support and help when and where it is needed. The help might be from the class teacher, a teaching partner or from the special needs co-ordinator. The SEN co-ordinator, who is also the Headteacher, works closely with the class teachers to identify problems, suggest solutions and ensure that procedures are followed in accordance with the Code of Practice for SEN.

We ensure that parents are involved as much as possible in their child‘s progress as we firmly believe that the key to success lies in the home and school working together toward the same targets, children at My Plan and My Plan Plus have a personalised plan, as do those with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) to address their specific learning needs.

Parents are always invited to regular reviews and they are welcome to make an appointment to discuss their child‘s needs with the Headteacher, at any time. We work closely with all the available external support services such as the Educational Psychology Service, Speech Therapist and SEN Advisory Teachers. We also seek the advice of Advanced Skills Teachers for SEN. Children with additional needs are quickly identified and support offered.

Children who need additional support in learning are offered small group or one-to-one intervention programmes and catch up activities aimed at meeting their personalised learning targets. We have an accessibility plan, which outlines our commitment to making reasonable and anticipatory provision in order to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. Our aim is to ensure that the school provides an inclusive education for all children who may wish to attend.

Below you will find all relevant paperwork and links to other sites of interest should you have concerns about your child’s learning or additional needs. We also detail our Local SEND offer across the local schools as well as our offer of EARLY HELP at any point in a child’s life when they may need some additional support.

Please note that some additional learning support activities for individuals will take place during whole school assembly times on a rota basis. Please ask to speak to the headteacher if you have any concerns or requests about this provision.