We try to be a cashless school as much as possible. In order to help families to budget wisely , we are often able to offer payments in installments for larger amounts such as school residential visits or more expensive trips. We try to keep costs as low as possible and actively seek out cheaper options

We use ParentPay for as many activities and payments as possible. To use this service you will be given your own code to access their website.

ParentPay is also used to pay for cooked school dinners. Please note that you must stay in credit to be able to place an order for meals.

The advantages are that you can see that payments have been made and the deadlines dates for payments are visible so that you can keep track of larger payments made in installments.

This service also negates the need for paper recepits as your account is clearly shown.

On occasions we do ask for cash to be sent in but this will generally be for smaller items such as PTFA events, charity days and class sales.

Cool Milk scheme payments are made directly to the School Milk scheme

Peripatetic Music lessons are also paid direct to the Music teachers and not through the school

Those in receipt of Pupil Premium and Free School Meals (not universal free school meals) may request support in making payments, please contact the office if you feel this applies to you.