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At Stow-on-the-Wold Primary School our belief is that the curriculum should be both RICH and MEMORABLE in order to actively engage children in meaningful and relevant learning which meets their individual needs. We aim to foster in every child a life long desire to find out new things, be independent learners, able to ask questions, seek answers and to be creative. We hope that every child will leave our school ready for the next steps in their education but also take with them a passion for learning and the ability to take on board new ideas, make links, enjoy exploring their world , be curious and still full of awe and wonder. 

Through the curriculum we aim to cover not only all aspects of the national curriculum at the expected level and to offer opportunities to learn and explore at a deeper level, but we also hope to teach children how to share, to care for each other, to be good citizens and to be community minded. we hope that we will develop children culturally instilling and steeping them in the best of our history and British values and culture. We pay due regard to the Public Sector Equality Guidance in all our decisions regarding provision and the curriculum. A wide range of visits and visitors are always planned and valued as a way of broadening their experiences beyond the North Cotswolds, whilst also teaching children about its wealth of history and culture and using its unique geography, landscape and history to help children celebrate local culture and interests. We hope that our curriculum will enhance their well being, helping them to cope with the challenges that lie ahead, building their resilience at every opportunity and to seize every possible opportunity and make it a learning point. We use the PINK curriculum to ensure they are well prepared, happy and fulfilled individuals who are able to give back to society and contribute fully as adults not just economically but social and morally. We use the curriculum to teach children how to be safe in many situations and how to care and respect others in the diverse world in which they live. We are able to offer the rigor of the national curriculum but present learning in a way that is cohesive, fun, experiential and enjoyable and where children can discover and craft their own talents and skills, be celebrated and praised, helped, guided and inspired. 

The curriculum is divided into each subject and for each term and each year group. The curriculum is also divided into Cycle A and Cycle B to facilitate mixed year group classes and to avoid repetition or omission of curriculum units by individuals or groups of children depending on their pathway through the school. Do please also refer to CLASS PAGE tabs and to the MATHS and ENGLISH tabs to the left of each webpage.Each subject has a SUBJECT LEAD TEACHER and an allocated SUBJECT GOVERNOR and training and energy/enthsuiasm is given to each subject with equal weighting. We also look for as many opprotunities to teach English and Maths through other curriculum areas 

PDFClass 1 English Curriculum Map, two year programme and texts

PDFClass 2 Curriculum Map 2020-2021

PDFClass 2 Long Term curriculum plan

PDFClass 2 Reading Long term Plan

PDFClass 3 English Medium Term planner

LinkCurriculum Board

PDFDraft Computing Curriculum Map

PDFEnglish Medium term planner

PDFInternet safety and guidance

PDFMaths Written Calculations Policy

PDFMFL Curriculum Map

PDFMusic Curriculum Map Class 1, 2 year cycle

PDFMusic Curriculum Map Class 2, 2 year cycle

PDFMusic Curriculum Map Class 3, 2 year cycle

PDFMusic Curriculum Map Class 4, 2 year cycle

PDFMusic Curriculum Map Class 5, 2 year cycle

PDFPink (Safeguarding) Curriculum

PDFPSHCE Curriculum map, two years

PDFScience Curriculum , Cycle A and Cycle B whole school over view, all years, all terms

PDFStorytime Phonics summary

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