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“Mathematics is not just a collection of skills, it is a way of thinking. It lies at the core of scientific understanding, and of rational and logical argument”. Dr Colin Sparrow, Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Cambridge

Mathematics is important in every day life. It helps children make sense of the world around them. It allows them to solve problems, reason logically and think in abstract ways. At Stow Primary School, mathematics is taught through a daily maths lesson and is based on the New National Curriculum objectives for maths. We base our curriculum on the systematic teaching of problem solving skills and using the Singapore bar method alongside use of Maths Map as a planning and resource tool, maths passports and STOPS maths teaching. Much use is made of ideas from renowned maths specialist Ray Mayer. Teachers use a range of different teaching and learning strategies to support and develop children‘s understanding of mathematics. The children learn about numbers and the number system and how to calculate and solve problems using a range of mental and written methods. Use is made of ICT to support teaching , such as iPad APPS, online teaching aids and to support learning through interactive games and activities. The chidlren also study shape and space, develop measuring skills and learn how to process, represent and interpret data. They are encouraged to discuss their work with others and present their methods and reasoning. Opportunities are provided to develop and apply key mathematical skills when children are working in other subject areas and in real life situations, whether in the classroom, or the playground. Mathematics provides children with essential life skills. We therefore encourage all parents to help their children develop their understanding of this core subject at home. This might include recalling number bonds, or practicing multiplication tables. The children each progress through a numeracy passport providing them with a sound basis of numeracy skills which they can apply to their learning in school. Children requiring additional support in maths will have access to a bespoke intervention package such as Numicon, Rapid maths and other catch up resources and programmes as appropriate. We hope you will find the information and links from this page informative and helpful.

Class 2 Maths Medium term Plan Spring 2018  

PDFClass Five Maths Medium term Map Autumn 2017

PDFClass Five Maths Medium term Map Spring Term 2018

PDFClass Five Maths Medium term Map Summer 2018

PDFClass Four Maths Medium term Map Autumn 2017

PDFClass Four Maths Medium term Map Spring Term 2018

PDFClass Four Maths Medium term Map Summer Term 2018

PDFClass One Maths Medium Term plans Autumn 2017

PDFClass One Medium Term Maths Plan Spring 2018

PDFClass One Medium Term Maths Plan Summer 2018

PDFClass Three Maths Medium term Map Autumn 2017

PDFClass Three Maths Medium Term Plan Summer 2018

PDFClass Three MTP Maths Summer 2018

PDFClass Two Maths Medium Term Map Autumn Term 2017

PDFMarking Key Maths

PDFMarking Policy 2017


PDFMaths Fractions Policy 2017-18

PDFMaths Written Calculation Policy DRAFT 2017-18

PDFMaths Written Calculations Policy

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